Listing a Business

How to create a business listing

Select Package

The northern beaches website will offer different services from time to time and these will have different charges and functionality.

Choose the package that suits your needs best.

Business Owner

Indicate whether you are the Business Owner, or not. We will verify if you are the business owner before your business is listed.

A business where the owner is verified carries more credibility than a business created by a third party.

Listing Title

This is the name of your business.

Listing Description

This is where you enter the details of your business. Please be as descriptive as possible.

You can use the editing tools available to make your listing look attractive. You should not include images in this section because images can be uploaded separately to show in a gallery for your business.

You can copy information from your existing website if available. In this case images can be included and will be downloaded from your website whenever someone vies your page on

Tag Keywords

Tag Keywords are used during searches of the website and can help users find your business. For example if you are a vegetarian restaurant you would want to add vegetarian to the keyword list.

for example: vegetarian, gluten-free, no-msg

Separate each keyword with a comma, and do not include spaces between words, as shown above.


Your business must be added to a Category to help users find your business and similar businesses in the same category.

Some packages allow you to list your business in more than one category.

The category you choose will always be in a parent category. For example, if you sell shoes, your parent category will be Clothing and Footwear will be under that category.


Enter your street address into this field. If your business does not have a publicly accessible location, or you provide an on-site service – for example Mobile Dog Grooming – then enter a public address such as your local post-office, or library.


Select a city from the drop list of cities located on the northern beaches.

Since this website is ONLY for businesses located within the northern beaches if you enter a business address outside of the northern beaches locations your business will not be listed on the website.

Set Address on Map

Click this button to locate your business address on the map.